Customer Testimonials

Ever since operations began at Accredo Packaging in 2009, we’re delighted to have received a steady stream of testimonials from our customers embracing Accredo’s product quality and friendly, responsive customer service.

Many of our customers place high priority on their environmental initiatives.
Our sustainability efforts are focused on being complimentary to our customers’ Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, as well as our own. Below are just a few of the many positive comments we’ve received from our very satisfied customers…customers who share in Accredo’s vision of sustainable packaging solutions.

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Accredo is a great match with our corporate values.

Our owner is very happy with the decision to make the move to Accredo and away from (our previous vendor)…The owner is ecstatic with the cost saving as well as the quality of the film that Accredo manufactures.

The partnership with Accredo is part of our commitment to reduce (our) environmental footprint through new and innovative methods.

We look forward to a very long and prosperous association with Accredo for many years to come.

Our association with Accredo has been wonderful and we have had no quality issues with any of the films that Accredo has produced for our company.

The quality and value of your films have far exceeded our expectations and our company has been able to not only save money on the film, but our filling machines can operate at a much lower sealing temperature, thus resulting in longer heating element life.

We congratulate Accredo Packaging for demonstrating environmental leadership through its use of clean, renewable energy.

We enjoyed doing business with your company…for the last two years.

The print quality is phenomenal, the material is of the highest quality and the customer service is excellent.

We have not had one customer complaint with any of the films we use since we made the seamless change to Accredo film.

Our collaboration with Accredo helps with our branding because we are working with a supplier that shares our same environmental philosophy, which is not only important to us but important to our customers.

Since the business landscape continually changes, we are always seeking to partner with suppliers and vendors that offer more environmentally responsible alternatives and innovations. Therefore, we are very excited to work with Accredo on exploring sustainable packaging solutions utilizing renewable and recyclable materials.

We have not had one customer complaint with any of the films we use since we made the seamless change to Accredo film.

Thank you for a quality product and wonderful support.