The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), an independent certification organization that acknowledges companies committed to ‘sustainable green printing’, has admitted Accredo Packaging to ‘SGP Applicant’ status… the first phase in the process of certification.

“I’m excited!” says Printing Operations Manager Johnny Dye. “At Accredo Packaging we do what’s necessary, in each area of our process, to practice sustainability. We take pride in how and what we do.” In order for a company to be accepted as an ‘SGP Applicant’, various criteria must be complied with, … not only sustainability of the printing process itself, but also taking into account such areas as pre-press and post print, including disposal of hazardous waste and stormwater runoff, even providing the company’s Sustainability Policy. Printing facilities located in the United States and Canada that meet the criteria are eligible to apply for certification with the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership ( The certification assures the print customer the printing facilities identified within the certified SGP Printer listing have made significant commitments toward sustainability.