Eye on Sustainability
Flexible packaging converter, Accredo Packaging, Inc. has been up and running for just over a year, but is already an industry leader recognized for its comprehensive focus on sustainability. The 200,000 sq ft., state-of-the-art Sugar Land, TX plant was designed and built to meet LEED® Silver certification standards, and utilizes 100% wind-generated electrical power, with a focus on eliminating waste while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Accredo Executive Vice President, Rex Varn, says their commitment to producing sustainable flexible packaging solutions, primarily targeting the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) segment, is supported by a sizable R&D budget. Adds Malcolm Cohn, Director of Sustainability, “we’re researching compostable and recyclable solutions, but we also want to find new ways to produce conventional polymeric packaging in a more sustainable way. Reducing waste, using less resources and increasing productivity equates to better sustainability.”

Some of the company’s biggest breakthroughs to date are in the area of stand-up and flat bottom pouches, as well as wicketed bags. Accredo was the first to produce a zippered stand-up pouch made entirely from certified compostable components, providing a major area of growth for Accredo. Utilizing the most efficient machinery is part of Accredo’s equation for sustainability. The facility houses 3-layer and 9-layer VAREX blown film lines as well as 10-color NOVOFLEX presses from W&H, with more equipment scheduled for installation.