“A few days into Tropical Storm Harvey and all has gone as expected,” announced Rex Varn, Executive Vice President of Accredo Packaging. “Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was built to withstand the hurricane force winds. From a plant standpoint there has been virtually no damage and we remained operational, although on a limited scale, throughout the entire event.”
The deadly Tropical Storm Harvey continues to ravage much of Houston and surrounding areas. Heavy rain is forecasted to continue and thousands of citizens have been displaced.

Contingency plans have been implemented and the factory is operational although manufacturing has been scaled back to facilitate production people to take care of their own immediate personal needs. “The staff has been remarkable,” says Varn. “Those who are able to safely get to the plant have demonstrated their commitment to ensure our customers’ needs are met”. However, Varn advocates employees “Listen to local authorities in their jurisdiction and follow the warnings and direction from them. We do not want employees putting themselves in harm’s way navigating flooded areas.”

Accredo Fully Operational after Harvey

The bigger issue now remains trucking. With many access roads to the plant temporarily closed as a result of flooding, dispatches have slowed. “Some orders will be impacted, but I don’t expect delays to be significant,” says Varn. “We hope to begin dispatching goods hopefully as soon as tomorrow, Thursday, August 31st, latest.”

Customers seeking updated information on service availability should call their respective Customer Services Representatives. Updates on service availability will be provided periodically as systems are remediated.