Accredo Offers 4 Sustainable Packaging Product Options

Examples of Accredo’s innovation

  • Accredo successfully pioneered USDA approved renewably-sourced stand-up pouches. USDA certified 59% renewable content.
  • First to introduce sustainably produced shrink-film with 3rd-party certified renewable content of 45%. Branded as CO2LLATION™ Shrink Bundling Film.
  • Using renewably-sourced resin from sugar-cane feedstock, Accredo has successfully developed sustainably produced Towel & Tissue overwrap with a highly renewable content.
  • At the recent Pack Expo, in cooperation with our development partner, Dow Chemicals, Accredo successfully launched AccredoFlex® RP™, a fully recyclable stand-up pouch.
Conventional Packaging
Recyclable Packaging
Renewable Packaging
Compostable Packaging

Conventional Option

Our exclusive use of expanded color gamut process printing, and state of the art machinery enables us to produce conventional packaging in a more sustainable production process than our competitors.

  • Production output in less time to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Focus on eliminating waste while minimizing carbon footprint.
  • Proprietary ink delivery system – Virtually eliminating ink waste and returns.
  • Expanded color gamut process printing – Precise registration and color accuracy resulting in significant reduction in ink and solvent usage.

Recyclable Stand-up Pouch Option
(Pre-made and printed laminate for FFS applications)

Recyclable Store Drop-off Label

Introducing the next exciting trend in flexible packaging, AccredoFlex® RP™ – the innovative Recyclable Stand-up Pouch by Accredo Packaging! AccredoFlex® RP™ has the potential to be an industry changer’, moving from co-mingled, multi-material structures (e.g. PET/LDPE) whose end-of-life will be land-fill, to a single-source homogeneous substrate that CAN be recycled and so diverted from land-fill.

The market has a general and growing interest in ‘Sustainable Packaging Options’. Compared to a non-recyclable multi-material structure, AccredoFlex® RP™ recyclable stand-up pouch offers the benefits of recycling and provides decisive competitive advantages:

  • Realization of a company’s sustainability goals
  • Innovation and first mover
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Source reduction
  • Potential for total system cost savings

AccredoFlex® RP™ recyclable stand-up pouch provides the consumer a more sustainable proposition of recyclability:

  • The same end-use convenience
  • Comparable functional performance**
  • Recyclable where PE film recycling stream is available (e.g. grocery and retail store drop-off)***
  • Approved by TREX Recyclers to be reprocessed into new products (e.g. composite lumber, park benches)
  • Waste diversion from land-fill

End-use Market Applications:

  • Frozen animal protein-based products (chicken, fish and shellfish).
  • Pre-cooked and frozen vegetables – more convenience when preparing meals.
  • Frozen fruit and fruit pulp – availability throughout the year.
  • Breakfast cereals, Rice, Sugar.
  • Pet food*.
  • Flour products.
  • Grains & legumes – lentils, peas, beans, corn, chickpeas, wheat.
  • Pie, cake, and bread mixes.
  • Laundry and dishwashing refill packs.

* The How2Recycle Label is a project of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition® (SPC).
** Check barrier requirements that are suitable for PE SUP applications.
*** Where such recycling facilities are provided

Renewable Option

Using renewably-sourced resin from sugar-cane feedstock (as opposed to hydrocarbon-based feedstock), Accredo has successfully pioneered sustainably produced packaging with a highly renewable content. In September 2012, Accredo’s Renewable-3409 stand-up pouch was third-party tested in accordance with ASTM D6866 and certified by the USDA to contain 55% renewably-sourced content.


USDA Certified Biobased Product

  • Processing: Drop-in replacement – Line speed not compromised
  • Performance: Similar to hydrocarbon-based feedstock.

Producing packaging made from carbon-neutral biobased renewable feedstock:

  • reduces carbon footprint and GHG emissions;
  • reduces the impact of global warming and climate change;
  • improves Life Cycle Assessment criteria;
  • aligns the product with packaging made in a “sustainable” way.
  • Naturally-based sustainable packaging is sure to find support with the American consumer who will appreciate the link with conservation of materials and resources.


Compostable or “Organic Recycling”

  • Accredo was the first company globally to manufacture a zippered stand-up pouch made from components certified compostable in accordance with ASTM 6400 standards for compostability in industrial composting facilities.
  • New developments in compostable film technology enable us to produce compostable packaging that achieves the highest moisture and gas barriers:
    • MVTR – 0.15 gm/100 in²/day
    • OTR – 0.03 cc/100 in²/day