Sustainable packaging gains popularity among processors

Cheese Market News

Accredo Packaging Inc., Sugarland, Texas, is one the companies that has taken steps to implement sustainable measures throughout the life cycle of its products. The producer of conventional, compostable and renewable sustainable flexible packaging says it has integrated sustainability measures throughout its manufacturing process that allows it to produce its AccredoFlex barrier films (which are suited for cheese applications) in a more sustainable process.

The benefits are twofold, since the packaging also tackles sustainability by eliminating food waste, the company says. “With improvements in packaging, there often are opportunities to provide ample product protection during shipping with down gauged material, reduce the amount of water and energy required to manufacture, ship and store products or remove secondary packaging,” says Chris Cometa, vice president of technology, Accredo. “The technology we use supports efficient production while ensuring that we produce exceptional quality products.”

Accredo utilizes 100 percent wind-generated electrical power and says its goals are to lower the environmental impact of flexible packaging and extruded fi lm production while producing competitively priced offerings.

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