Packaging Production and Conversion

  • High-Speed Lamination

    We employ Rotomec lamination machines to deliver turn-key conversion services for the world's top brands.

  • Efficiency is Built-In

    Accredo's Clients benefit from the efficiency and economy of Accredo's rail transportation.

  • Custom Pouch® Packaging

    Multiple Totani pouching lines and a world of fitment options.

  • Wicketed Bag Manufacturing

    Accredo Packaging produces wicketed bags to customer specifications.

  • Expanded Gamut Printing

    Accredo's Color Management System is a unique competitive advantage, ensuring perfect color on every run.

  • The Science of Sustainability

    Accredo's in-house materials lab provides expertise on film structures and innovation in compostable and renewable packaging.

  • Nine-Layer Coextrusion

    Accredo operates multiple W&H nine-layer coextrusion simultaneously, enabling us to easily create film structures to custom specifications.

  • W&H VistaFlex CL and NovoFlex Presses

    Accredo owns several W&H VistaFlex CL and NovoFlex presses, optimized to perfection through the Accredo Color Management System.

  • Providing Great Value

    As part of the API family of companies, we have unmatched buying power for materials like raw resin.

  • Expanded Gamut Printing Excellence

    Accredo's expanded gamut press expertise ensures spot-on color, registration and quality consistency.

Just as our 350,000 sq.ft. LEED® Silver production facility reflects our commitment to sustainability, our company as a whole reflects an uncompromising commitment to delivering the most advanced and highest quality packaging products on the market. Our world-class converting capabilities incorporate all aspects of packaging production, from design and materials R&D to extrusion, printing, lamination and pouch manufacturing — and every possible step in between.

Accredo’s key production capabilities:

  • In-house materials laboratory
    Our highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art R&D laboratory allows us to develop, analyze and test film structures to achieve the highest level of performance in the most demanding consumer and industrial applications.
  • Nine-layer barrier film co-extrusion
    We’re at the forefront of the packaging industry, running parallel coextrusion lines capable of producing the thinnest, high-performance films and barriers.
  • Expanded Color Gamut Printing Process
    We’ve revolutionized the packaging industry by developing a proprietary printing process that brings new meaning to the term “expanded color gamut.” Accredo’s state-of-the-art printing process is capable of reproducing a world of limitless colors, and is so finely tuned that we can guarantee a consistent visual match from job to job, whether hours or months apart. Driven by an innovative ink delivery system, we eliminate all ink changes (resulting in up to 95% less ink waste and significant reduction in solvent usage) and high-speed setup between jobs.
  • Lamination
    In-house lamination allows us to maintain the highest quality during this key stage of manufacturing. We are capable of water-based, solventless or solvent-based lamination.
  • Conversion
    As part of our end-to-end manufacturing process, we can produce pre-made stand-up pouches, Box Pouch® products, wicketed bags and more. Our pouches can be manufactured with zippers, sliders and spouts, all inline and according to the most stringent application requirements.